Monday, April 23, 2012

R. Kelly - "Share My Love"

R. Kelly's 2010 album Love Letter had some bad breaks. It came out in December, (a death knell for anything trying to get on a year-end list or two) it was a little all over the place with its homages and instrumental throwbacks, and it wasn't exactly what most R. Kelly fans wanted to hear. However, it was full of a ton of quality music and is definitely underrated in retrospect. Since that album, he's had throat surgery, a lauded comeback string of performances, announced an autobiography, and finally confirmed that new episodes of Trapped in the Closet were in the works. Besides all of that, he has two albums planned for release on the horizon. Black Panties is supposed to be more standard affair, with Kelly saying that it was very similar to his solo debut 12 Play. Write Me Back is the other release, another LP of callbacks to soul, disco, and other urban genres of old. "Share My Love" is the first single to drop from that album, and it's basically a classic-sounding disco song with a few of Kells' lyrical and vocal quirks thrown in. His voice even adopts some 70's sounding tones, and it's awesome. Watch the video at Youtube and try not to burst into tears of joy when Kelly says "Now that we're in this room, let's do what we were born to do / POPULATE, let's get together, POPULATE, make the world better."

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