Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Avalanches - Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones

After 12 years of waiting, The Avalanches have finally released new music for it's increasingly frustrated fans. Maybe. Sleepy Bedtime Mix for Young Ones is a mixtape posted under the name "Henry Chinaski" on mixtape sharing site Pinchy & Friends. Rumors abound that this is likely a sneak peek of what new material from The Avalanches will sound like. The mix covers on a lot of dreamy 60s pop and features enough harmonies to make anyone fall into a deep slumber. Whether it is in fact a release by The Avalanches or not, it's an awesome mix that deserves a listen or eight. And hopefully, it does mean that the finally awaited follow-up to Since I Left You is finally on the horizon. Hear it at Pinchy & Friends.

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