Monday, April 16, 2012

Actress - "Marble Plexus"

Darren Cunningham, who tends to record under the name Actress, already has a solid self-titled debut and 2010's insanely good Splazsh under his belt. Splazsh was a... well, splash of Detroit 2-step and techno that changed up so much from track to track that no one could describe it using less than three vague genres. It was, in many ways, the under-appreciated younger brother of Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma. Actress found his stride, and it lied in a haze of fuzzy beats, primitive computer sounds, and vast shifts from song to song. R.I.P. will likely continue down that unpredictable path, as Actress looks to further the mission of London dance music innovators. Hear new song "Marble Plexus"  at Soundcloud.

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