Thursday, September 13, 2012

Captain Murphy - "The Killing Joke"

Captain Murphy could be the rapping alter-ego of Flying Lotus, Tyler, The Creator, or Slick Rick for all we know. It doesn't seem to matter much though, as every track he's dropped has been an instant sensation. Early tracks like "Mighty Morphin Foreskin" and "The Ritual" showed off some great rapping technique and an ear for production ("The Ritual" smartly utilizes the beat for the underrated Jay Electronica track "Dear Moleskine.") The TNGHT-sampling "Shake Weight" showed some trap leanings. On "The Killing Joke," Murphy shows his versatility once again. The beat, supposedly a Flying Lotus contribution, lurches along with some horror movie samples and a creepy female vocal hook. It's a great addition to the Captain Murphy myth and whenever his first full release is out, it will be sure to make waves across the hip-hop world. Listen to the track at Gorilla vs. Bear.