Monday, March 26, 2012

Japandroids - "The House That Heaven Built"

Post-Nothing was a terrific full-length debut from Japandroids, but it had one fatal flaw. It was short enough to make fans salivate for a new album immediately, and that album that will finally drop just in time for summer. "The House That Heaven Built" is the first song to come out from Celebration Rock, and it makes a lot of promises about the band Japandroids is evolving into. The fuzzy guitars and driving drums are still here, and the dueling vocals make a welcome reappearance. Still, this song does seem to mark the beginning of the new era for the duo. "The House That Heaven Built" is bigger and louder than anything the band has ever released, it's really the sound of a band about to burst at the seams with emotion. In a good way. Hear it at Soundcloud.

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