Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coo Woo - Love Exposure

Coo Woo is a band from Wisconsin that have released one of the most fun musical experiences so far this year. They describe themselves as "punk" but their music intersects with a few different genres. I'm inclined to label them as indie pop with a lot of new wave elements, but with tunes this blissful, you don't really need a genre attachment. The instrumentation is bright and paced really well, something that opening track "Amanda Knox" shows off quite a bit. The vocals are a real star as well, with lots of harmonizing and awesome lyrics. Though this thing came out in February, it has summer written all over it. Considering the weather lately, I'd say it's perfect to download right now. Hear the whole thing and download it for free at Coo Woo's Bandcamp.

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