Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Death Grips - The Money Store

One of 2011's most polarizing (but ultimately, most rewarding) breakout artists is back for more this year. Death Grips, if you don't know, is an abrasive hip-hop project of the often lovable Zach Hill of Hella. They've made a name for themselves with Exmilitary and some of the great videos to come out of that album, especially "Guillotine." Thankfully, they are slated to release two full-lengths in 2012, starting with The Money Store on April 24. They already have three songs from that album out, and they are all worthy additions to their growing discography. Hear "Lost Boys" and "Blackjack" if you're already a fan, and watch the video for the wonderful "Get Got" even if you hate them.

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